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Unit 1, Level 10, Tower W2
Oriental Plaza
No.1 East Chang An Ave
Dong Cheng District
Beijing 100738 P.R. China
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+011 8610 6511 1700 Tel
+011 8610 6511 1799 Fax

Silicon Valley

2420 Sand Hill Road
Suite 200
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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+1 650 233 1400 Tel
+1 650 854 9159 Fax


the ARGYLE aoyama 15F
2-14-4 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 107-0061 Japan
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+011 81 3 4520 2310 Tel
+011 81 3 4520 2311 Fax

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Business plans can be submitted to DCM at businessplan@dcm.com

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Meredith Obendorfer
Account Manager
(415) 321-1882


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UJET is completely re-imagining customer support. Brands like Johnson & Johnson, Google/Nest, Instacart, Postmates, Fair.com are all proud UJET customers.

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San Francisco, CA

DCM Partner

Jason Krikorian

"As a first time founder, and as someone who named the company as homage to a loved one lost to cancer, having value-add early investors for UJET was critical. Jason and Kyle not only lived up to those lofty expectations, but also helped the company and myself grow beyond Series B in an extremely supportive manner. Jason's pattern recognition on culture, milestones and Kyle's keen insights on SaaS metrics have been a guiding light throughout UJET's journey."
- Anand Janefalkar, Founder & CEO

Customer Service Finally Evolves To The New Era

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