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Meredith Obendorfer
Account Manager
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Shawn Niu 牛霄鹏
Beijing, China



Shawn has always maintained great curiosity and enthusiasm for various cutting-edge technologies, and firmly believes that revolutionary technologies led by innovation are the inexhaustible driving forces for human progress. He takes it that we believe, and then we see. As an investor, Shawn actively explores investment opportunities in the fields of intelligent hardware, high-end manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure software, etc. He is committed to looking for the excellent entrepreneurs who possess noble mission, deep industrial insights and unique thinking and accompanying them to excellence in the long term, by leveraging his top-down analysis and thorough perspective of the entire industry chain.

Prior to joining DCM, Shawn worked as an Associate at Vision Knight Capital, where he led and participated in investing more than a dozen of early-stage tech startups, ranging from OSS, AI, SaaS, to semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing, smart vehicle, etc. In the meantime, he has established close connection with top-tier universities, scientific institutions, industrial parks and leading enterprises. Before that, as an analyst of Cathay Capital, Shawn participated in several investments covering consumer electronics, TMT, and Internet of Vehicles in the growth stage. In addition, Shawn has more than 10-years investment experience in the secondary market, through which he develops in-depth understandings of macroeconomic cycle, technology cycle as well as enterprise life cycle.

Shawn is an outdoor enthusiast (in particular hiking and biking) who has hiked across Himalayas to Medog, known as the "secret land of the lotus". During his exchange period at University of Mannheim in Germany, Shawn travelled to fourteen countries as a backpacker, and was deeply impressed by the diverse culture and customs. Additionally, in his spare time, he reads a lot, as he perceives reading and traveling are different but both effective ways to satisfy curiosity and enrich experience. He also has strong passion for astronomy and space technology and keen to travel in the outer space one day.


Focuses on intelligent hardware, high-end manufacturing, clean energy, infrastructure software, etc.

Top-down analysis and thorough perspective of the entire industry chain

Outdoor enthusiast (in particular hiking and biking)


Shanghai Jiaotong University, B.Ec

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Master of Business Management

University of Mannheim, Global exchange program