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Meredith Obendorfer
Account Manager
(415) 321-1882

Peter Moran
Silicon Valley, U.S.

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General Partner


Pete currently focuses on Digital Health (Augmedix, Athos, RayVio, and Stride Health) and Tech Enabled Education (LearnZillion). Over the past 18 years, he led DCM into new sectors including interactive Gaming (Trion Worlds), altering Consumer Experience (FreedomPop), and a diverse array of Enabling Technology including novel energy storage solutions (Enovix), companies focused on improving energy efficiency via LED lighting (Bridgelux, acquired by China Electric Corp(CEC)), and next gen semiconductors (Analogix, acquired by Shanhai Capital). Pete previously led many of DCM's investments including NxEdge (acquired by Trive Capital), SMIC (NYSE: SMI), SigmaTel (Nasdaq: SGTL) and Slice (acquired by Rakuten). He also serves on the Boards of El Camino Hospital and the Stanford School of Engineering.

Prior to joining DCM, Pete helped launch and subsequently led the Computer Products business for Arrow Electronics. Previously, Pete worked at McKinsey & Co. where he managed engagements with a wide range of electronics, entertainment and communications industry clients. He was also a core leader of the founding team of McKinsey’s Silicon Valley Office. Prior to McKinsey, Pete worked at Hewlett-Packard on high performance mixed signal semiconductors and helped manage the growth of KLA Instruments’ wafer inspection division from infancy to worldwide market leadership.

Born in the Philippines, Pete lived the nomadic childhood of a military son. Though his early years were spent in the Mojave Desert, England and Singapore, Pete will tell you New Orleans, where he attended high school, is where he hails from. Recently he spent the summer hiking the John Muir Trail, where he realized that even with a satellite phone, business calls from the mountains can be tricky. An Eagle Scout, Pete continues to be involved in Scouting, acting as an Eagle Advisor and leading outdoor climbing trips. Currently he strives to continually perplex his family with the foods he enjoys as a vegan.

Pete Moran detail page headshot


Focused on Digital Health and Tech-Enabled Education

Formerly of Arrow Electronics, McKinsey & Co., and Hewlett-Packard



Stanford University
B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Leaders for Manufacturing Fellow)

MIT Sloan School of Management

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