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Meredith Obendorfer
Account Manager
(415) 321-1882

Miki Sarumaru 猿丸 美喜
Tokyo, Japan

Investment Manager


Miki has nurtured a strong passion for supporting ambitious people with vision during her experiences in consulting and education industries. At DCM, Miki is committed to contributing to such entrepreneurs’ success based on her management consulting skills in diverse topics from organization/culture, strategy planning, operation excellence, to implementation. Having been faced with inefficiencies in many traditional companies as a consultant, Miki focuses on technology which enhances productivity in legacy industries/B2B businesses. Being a millennial and a digital native, Miki is also passionate about mobile first apps making our lives better. She is also keen to enrich a support network for entrepreneurs in Japan to generate more unicorns who can thrive globally.

Prior to DCM, Miki was an engagement manager at McKinsey Japan, leading diverse projects in such industries as manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, and banking, to boost Japanese leading companies’ performance both domestically and globally. Engaging in various topics, she became passionate about organizational health and capability-building, which she found is a critical driver to outstanding performance excellence. She also has one-year secondment experience in Ministry of Education in Japan, where she helped raise $120M from private corporations to subsidize ~10,000 distinctive Japanese students to study abroad and build a unique community to unite those students as a platform of next generation leaders in Japan.

Miki is a fanatic fan of a Korean band group “TVXQ (東方神起),” attending most of their concerts all over Japan and the world every year – more than 10 times a year. She also enjoys flower arrangement, painting, cooking, and hot yoga on weekends.


Focused on B2B businesses, mobile first apps

Combination of organization, strategy, and operation/implementation

Fanatic fan of TVXQ(東方神起)


The University of Tokyo Bachelor in Sociology

Exchange program of Columbia University in the City of New York